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Have a new Home of Office? Looking to decorate it? Here's a step by step guide on how to choose the right canvas

A Buyer's Guide to a canvas






Canvas prints are the most popular alternative for preserving and immortalising those priceless moments because of its limitless adaptability. But how do you know you're getting the appropriate prints that will turn your photo into beautiful wall art for your home or office?


Is it because of the the fabric? Is it the visual quality, or is it something else? It might also be the Design/photo’s orientation. While all of this is important, there are still a few more boxes to check. In this blog, we'll go over simple techniques that you should be aware of before clicking the "add to cart" button.


Quality over everything else


You don't want to print a low-quality pixelated photo on a very large canvas, no matter how dear to your heart it is, because prolonged stretching of a low-quality picture might have terrible repercussions. You can even come to despise your favourite photograph after seeing it at its ugliest.


Pictures used for canvas printing should have a pixel count of around 150-33 ppi. The topic should ideally take up the majority of the image space, and there should be little noise in the image. The picture appears better when expanded on the canvas when the pixel count per inch is high, but a low pixel count per inch results in a fuzzy and noisy canvas print. Even if you’re not a person who knows this technical details, always remember below rule for estimating size

Whatsapp shared photo: 15x15 cm or smaller canvas

iPhone photo: 30x30 cm or lesser
DSLR photo: A0 size or smaller
Vector Design: A0 size or smaller


Google image: Less than 1mb (not printable)
Google image: 5mb (20x20 cm)

Google image: 10mb (A3 size)
Google image: 20-40mb (A1 size)




One of the most forcible arguments for Banners and prints is their durability. Canvas is a long-lasting and resilient material that has withstood the test of time.


Simultaneously, the high-quality ink used may preserve the print's brightness for much longer than paper. This is why, for ages, canvas paintings in art galleries and museums have looked gorgeous.

Is it worth hanging your photo?


It is true that not all photographs should be printed on canvas. Some photos are best left on your phone or deleted permanently. With well-taken shots that convert into larger images, canvas prints work effectively. Before sending your photos, ask yourself the following questions.


  • Is the image sharp?
  • Is the image compromised by digital noise?
  • Is the lighting adequate?
  • Will this work well as a large canvas print?


Nothing is more aggravating than printing a bad photo.



Depending on where the picture will be hung, framing wall with prints might be a tough task. Because you never know where a print will be shown, I recommend a basic, subtle black frame for galleries and art events that allows the artwork to breathe and speak for itself. 


Pre-decide the location


It's usually a good idea to think about and plan where you'll put your canvas before you order. This helps to bring everything into focus. "Does this size and design complement the rest of the décor in the room?" or "Is there adequate space on this wall?"


If you're showing art, it should appear nice not only on its own but also in conjunction with the rest of the room. Consider a room with a blue and white theme and a pink flower-themed painting. You can have numerous thinner canvases that are tightly grouped to make one enormous image if there is adequate room on the wall, such as over the T.V. lounge couches.


If you wish to hang a print at home, you must first choose a location. It's preferable to pick a wall with adequate illumination. It will appear weird on your wall if the print is too little or too large.


The final touches


A few small decisions when buying the canvas print may have an impact on the final appearance and feel of your canvas print. These finishing touches are important and may make a big difference in how the piece looks and feels in the end.


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