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Is the designer's support for unlimited time?

The free support is available for 1 hour per product, which is a reasonable time for most of the products.

What if the designer is not able to complete the work in one hour, or satisfy us with his design, Can we get a refund?
Sorry, we don't have any refund policy in this case, this is an added customer service that the order should not be relying upon or you can buy extra time for virtual designer support from this link, or you can submit your own design if you are not satisfied with our designing services.

Can we avail of the Real Designer's free facility before making the payment?

No, as the designers are really busy and over-occupied, we are unable to give this facility before receiving the payment, this increases convenience to the serious buyers. Alternatively, We also have a paid virtual designer's service available in case if you don't want to go ahead without the artwork is complete, in which you can get your design made before placing the order at a nominal cost.
How fast do your designers respond?
We have a big team of designers to make sure that we meet the requirements of our customers, we try to send the first 4 responses fast enough usually in a day or two, and if the artwork still doesn’t get approved in those 4 responses then the process becomes gradually slow to accommodate other customer’s requirements as well,
but in cases where the following issues occur, customers might face delay in artwork finalization:

A) The instructions, data, or images provided by the customers are not appropriate or clear.
B) When the customers do not respond in 5 or 10 minutes (the designer has to switch to some other job).
C) If customers expect creative designs and have very high expectations for their designs, kindly note that we do not provide creative design services or logo creation services. Our designers work on your instructions and will not be able to suggest you or think to make the designs on their own. We highly recommend you supply your print-ready artwork if you have any such requirements.
D) If our designers are very busy.

We do suggest that if your job has any timeline and if your artwork is not print ready then kindly do not place the order without speaking with our representatives. Failing to do so might delay the production and your timeline might not be entertained. (It is something like you are committed to reaching somewhere without booking a ticket) will not be held responsible for any delay in the final delivery if the artwork supplied is not print-ready. Kindly note that our designer’s services are free of cost for our 99% products.


How can I place an order?
You can select the product of your choice, make appropriate selections from the options available, select the required quantity, then you can either select DESIGN IT(if you want to design on your own) or you can UPLOAD your FILES (if you either have print-ready files or want's designer's free support) and then make the payment and checkout.

What if the order that is given by me, has not turned up the way I imagined? have their own quality control standards which are influenced by their own goodwill, and the goods are branded as per the highest standard available to If a customer is very much concerned about this then he/she can always order the smallest quantity available before going ahead with the full quantity and after being satisfied he/she can always give big quantity orders.

What if the colors are not matching to the customer's satisfaction?
Customers must discuss this with's technical team before placing any such order in which color precision is required. Usually, all screens have different color settings and screen colors and printed colors don't match precisely, this is a worldwide limitation.

Will the order be reprinted free of cost if the order a customer received, has some errors in spelling, Tel. Numbers, QR Codes, Colors, Logos or Size, etc.?
Any error notified post-approval (post-production) can not be fixed FOC, It is a must-do thing for any customer that he/she checks all the content, data, numbers, QR Codes, logos, colors, size, alignment, layout setting, direction up or downside, fonts, front-back positioning or any other details of the artwork before the approval is made. When the proof is shown by's designers then's responsibility towards the errors is assumed to be over once the approved artwork is printed. can only reprint the job if the approved artwork is not printed. We are providing these services free of cost and you can ask for as many revisions as you want prior approval, you can also ask for zoomed version or closeup of your artwork area to check it closely. We advise you not to rely on the designer's skills, general knowledge, education, language skills, mathematical skills, this also includes but is not limited to common phrases, words, common numbers, common sense mistakes, etc., kindly take care of your artwork yourself, this is extremely important and should not be left upon any assumptions, we can only correct it before printing, we are unable to do it free of cost after the printing is over even if the designer had not given you the correct proof, all the errors of the designer would also be considered as accepted if the errors were approved by you, or you can submit your printable files on a safer side with bleeding and crop marks settings and with a proper mockup from your end.

What does "Approved Artwork" mean?
Artwork is considered to be approved once... a) has received print-ready files from customers then the provided artwork will be considered as approved, can always ask for the approval against confusion, if observed, then, in that case, the final approval will be the approval which takes place in this stage. b) When a customer says "OK", "CONFIRMED", "APPROVED", "GO AHEAD" "PROCEED" or any synonym of these words, that will also mean that the artwork is approved.

What if I do not like the quality of the printed product as per my expectations? Will there be a refund?
Our job is to print as per the order placed and artwork approved/shared by you. Your expectations and imagination of the product can not be passed to the production team and also there are technical limitations as well. The cost will already be incurred in making the product once and hence a refund will not be possible. For example, you opt for a buffet in a restaurant and do not like the food yet the payment is applicable. Like a buffet, the products on our website are for generic usage, not for 'high-end quality expectation' clients. The quality of the print will be the best with the technology and methodology (selected by you) which we use but if your requirement is very niche or specific (Not Generic) then we request you to not use an online platform for such requirements to avoid inconvenience as there is a gap between your imagination/expectation and the production/technical team.


How trustworthy is your site/business?
We understand your concern and we can assure you that we have invested more than 2 years to create a portal as convenient as Our payments are made through trusted partners like CCavenue (By Mashreq Bank) or Spotti (Pay Later). These are verified, secure networks in UAE for payments. We don't store your card information.

Do I need to pay separate delivery charges for each product?
No, One Shopping Cart has one delivery charge, you can include as many products as you want in one shopping cart, but delivery charges are fixed and one for all.

What is your refund policy?
Kindly go through the terms and conditions thoroughly.


What if I want to pick up the delivery from your location instead of having it shipped from your side?
We are not having this option available as of now, the delivery has to reach you in the pattern available at the moment.

How can I inquire about my order status?
There are 3 places where you can inquire about the status of your order: a) User account (if you have registered yourself while placing the order), b) email: You can also send an email, c) Designated Whatsapp number especially for delivery available on the website

What if I don't get delivery in the time specified for the product?
Usually, this does not happen, will dispatch the delivery in time, it takes apx. one working day to reach the customer after the dispatch. If at all, due to any unavoidable circumstances which are not in's control, the delivery gets delayed in production, will keep the customer updated and if you are not satisfied with the new schedule then the full money will be refunded, including the delivery charges, no other greater compensation can be granted.

How can I find your international delivery information?
We currently only ship to all the 7 emirates in the U.A.E. However if you would like your product to be delivered to a foreign location, you can contact us through Live chat support and we'll help you get it shipped for a small extra fee.

When will my order ship?
You can track your order through your account or chat with us anytime. We'd be happy to help!

What if I have ordered more than one item in one shopping cart, will I get the separate deliveries as per the delivery time declared in the product options?
No, all the items of one shopping cart will be delivered together in one shot, in this case, the goods will be shipped as per the timeline of the product which has maximum time allotted for the delivery.

What if I want the delivery at a specific time or a specific date, do you provide such services?
Sorry, we do not promise a delivery time for all orders shipped via courier nor we can help you schedule a delivery according to a specific day or time. However, such services might be possible by choosing "Special Driver Delivery" services (even this depends upon the driver's appointment with other customers, kindly avoid placing such orders, you might not be satisfied).

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